rose morant

Franco Swiss artist, born in Paris in 1963; based in Hong Kong. Following ethnological and social studies, Rose Morant entered the creative side of fashion and simultaneously travelled exten sively throughout Asia. She became a creative supplier to the very best European luxury brands due to her expertise of Asian crafts and skills. Research and development have been her primary activities for the last twenty years parallel to having her own accessories brand Rose Morant in Paris. Her very deep interest in traditional savoir-faire and techniques led her to patiently revive ancestral crafts that were disappearing, giving her a rare specialization and highly appreciated know-how.

In 2012, Rose Morant started to create contemporary art pieces – sculptures, furniture and jewellery. Her work is nourished by her long experience and intimate knowledge of materials and rare techniques. Materials are at the heart of her work – lacquer, gold leaf, metal, wood, fabrics, precious stones, flower powder… She is also constantly driven to giving new life to secular materials, whatever they might be, by putting them into new dimensions. Scale is also a central preoccupation in her work – a bracelet can be just a bracelet or become a monumental sculpture, assuming new dimensions. New monumental sculptures are in progress.