amanda valle

Born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in 1984, Amanda Valle is a multidisciplinary artist with international experience and recognition. 

In the last years she has been dedicating most of her time to artistic experimentation, while developing new ways of expression through design, video and sculpture. 

One of her latest works, the short film “Back in the Island” has been selected at more than 25 festivals winning the Award for Best Generation at the Berlin Commercial festival, Best Photography at Le Femme filmmakers festival in UK, Best Dominican Documentary in Dominican Republic and Best Documentary at Milano Fashion Film Festival. 

In October 2021 she’s been featured on Forbes Centro America in an article describing her career and her very personal approach to life as art inspiration. 

Since 2019 she lives and works between the Dominican Republic, Italy and New York. 

She is represented by Galerie Molin Corvo in Paris, France.




As usual, most common and familiar to the artist, she portrays her daily emotions on the canvas, sometimes taking fragments of books to imagine situations, places, names.
“Fragile” comes from a coincidence of the artist’s personal events and her dreams. 

“This is something I have inherited and that has been along in my family for many generations, we pay a lot of attention to our dreams, they are always telling us something. Many times I wake up and I don’t remember them except if I do write them down immediately”.
Each painting represents a little of these dreams. 
She tells how a vase, sort of an escargot, turns alive and bears many holes, housing and carrying flowers; she remembers a garden at night with neon colors and fantasy objects/animals with a clear sky.

“I felt a great fragility when I woke up, I felt vulnerable, eager to create”.


I’d imagined for quite some time what it would be like to return home after living abroad, the astonishing scenery, the cultural confrontation, the emotional traction and the aggravated sense of belonging.

I came back aware of the change of settings, knowing that the living environment grew older, but with a burning need of discovering the unvarying spirit of our culture.

With this paintings I strive to revive the unnoticed feelings behind everyday circumstances, using color, shapes and texture to rephrase this lost sensations thundering in the shadows.

Back to the island is a celebration of the unaltered energy that follows every experience. It’s about exploring inner instincts, encouraging the seek of deeper connections between our emotional state and the way we capture the world.