emanuele ravagnani

Emanuele Ravagnani’s universe is an ensemble of painting, installation, photography and music, experienced as non dissociable elements. « To define my dimension I use a mix of techniques, spanning from painting through materials assembly and collage, small objects salvage through black and white photography, on which I intervene pictorially. My chosen field veers toward graphic design, with lines defining utopian architectures hidden by veils of colour, creating artworks on canvas and paper in small, medium and large size. » The gesture in his sign, primeval and knowing at the same time, creates a connection between the unformed and visually recognizable forms. Matter comes from a stratification and accumulation of paper, while the temporal process becomes essential. The design tension in shapes sometimes recognizable and sometimes not, carved in the strong density of colour meant as matter, extends in a chaotic and cryptic connection with language and numerology, engaging our eyes in a search for mysterious relationships between signs, figures and space. Nomenclature and graphs in the context of scientific research meet pictorial informality as a key.