exhibitions alexandre bavard


May 2020 – Duo #2, groupshow – Galerie Molin Corvo, Paris, France

January 2020 – Duo #1, groupshow – Galerie Molin Corvo, Paris, France

September 2020 – JIMNY, solo exhibition. Galerie Molin Corvo, Paris, France

January 2020 – Think less, stupid more. Studio Gallery. Shanghai, China

December 2019 – Let us In, Dusseldorf, Germany

October 2019 – Unexpected, Fort Smith, Arkansas, Usa NO STRESS, screening exhibition. Tick Tack gallery, Ghent, Belgium

September 2019 – Let us in together, Clichy

August 2019 – Time to upgrade.Garikula Art center. Georgia. After the Future. Triumph Gallery. Moscow June 2019 Vilnius Art Fair. Lithuania

May 2019 – Grappling. Performance. Palais de Tokyo. France

April 2019 – End, groupshow. New Image Art Gallery. Los Angeles

March 2019 – TRANSFR, Pt2 Gallery. Okland.USA Transfr#2. Cluster Configuration. Roma . Italy

November 2018 – RER.B, Meca Art fair, Justkids. Puerto Rico.USA

August 2018 – Aqua-V. Museum of Modern Art , Catanzaro. Italy

September 2018 – G.Supporterz. V5 Galery, Neuchâtel. Switzerland

April 2018 – Coco Galba «The carnaval is over», Macao, Milan. Italy

February 2018 – Set adrift on memory bliss, Pablo’s Birthday Galery, New York. USA SYSTEM, Lepeuve, Paris. France

December 2017 – Konkret1987, Gr_und Galery, with the support of the French Institute in Berlin. Germany

November 2017 – Collective exhibition «Qui es-tu lorsque personne ne te regarde ?», Maëlle Galery, Paris. France

November 2017 – SHORT CIRCUIT, Block House Galery, Tokyo. Japan

September 2017 SCULP, Collective exhibition, Needles

Septembre 2017 – pen Gallery, San Francisco. USA Uncanny, exhibition / performance, Tunisie

June 2017 – BULKY, exhibition / performance, Palais de Tokyo. Paris

Mai 2016 – OZONE, P38 Galery / Paris. France

Decembrer 2014 – Exposition de Noël, Ancien musée de peinture, Grenoble. France

September 2014 – Toy, FRAC Nord-Pas de-Calais / Dunkerque. France

Novembre 2013 – Yildun, Association d’Idées Galery/ Marseille. France

May 2013 – Palengenesis, collective exhibition / Klughaus Galerie / New york. France

September 2012 – Countach, Sunset Résidence Galery / Lyon. France


«Jeune révélation talents» urban art price 2017. ADAGP / Palais de Tokyo Prix de Nôel, Le magasin. Grenoble


Swatch Art Residency, Shanghai, China


Studio Gallery, Shanghai

TED TALK, Bari, 2017