leonardo fernandez della pietra

Leonardo Fernandez Della Pietra, aka LOLO, Born in 1977 in Buenos Aires. Pintor, sculptor, musician, live and work in Barcelona. With a high tendency to experiment, the solo career of Leonardo has gone beyond the circuit of art galleries, fairs and museums, often working under pseudonyms. He has created works of great variety, working in limited series, collages, machines that make drawings, portraits, music with light, mobile sculptures, paintings with ash, among others. He keeps few records of his work almost considered a rarity. In 1998 Leonardo made his first solo exhibition in the Sa Nostra gallery of Ciutadella Menorca, the pictorial work exhibited had a tendency to the materialist current. In the following years he turned to experimentation with traditional animation in drawing, films like « Smoke » 2002, have been projected in international animation festivals. Works such as « Vuelco » 2005 have been exhibited in art fairs such as the Bologna Arte Fira, “Vuelco” consists of 340 drawings made with water ink in gray scale, placed in scaled shape forming a circle. In 2011 he made his second solo exhibition at the Mutt gallery in Barcelona, which consisted of old portraits and portraits made with a program from the internet. Several galleries have tried to work with him, but without success because Leonardo has preferred to work on the project with Sosaku and turn completely into the duo. Since then he creates works of limited series that he does not exhibit. In 2014 the publishing house TD has published a book with its work done in ash and water titled « Kilomberos ».



“For many years I have worked hard developing and refining my drawings. The result of this work was very controlled, something that gave a certain rigidity, which did not work. At this point I entered a crisis that led me to create machines and tools with which I could draw and paint indirectly and thus stop controlling the line and its strokes.”


The portrait has always been a representative average of the individual. There in turn over and overlapping notions of self and other, making it a modus operandi to strengthen and cement so changeable that identity which is in a constant state of renegotiating with ourselves and our environment. This series of collages of artistLeonardo Fernandez Della Pietra, aka LOLO, are based on portraits of artists of opera singers, dancers and conductors who have performed at the Liceo Theatre in Barcelona between 1958 and 1962. With a technique developed and created by the artist himself, trying to get bring to this, fine cuts and a reorganization of the layers of the same picture reminiscent of Cubist portraits. thus ensuring an outcome almost 3-dimensional picture with a sculpture caracter charges.