« old porno magazines series »

Title : B.B. – 2017

Mixed media on back painted glass

Size: 30x40cm

Signed by the artist

AUTHENTICATION Signed by the gallery

Catégorie :


With a style that unrestrictively mixes naïve art, readymades, wildly-colored compositions, and unexpressed feelings, Sosaku Miyazaki is a Japanese-born artist who will equally take on, drawing, painting, illustration, collage, animation, comic, sound, music, installations, performance, and sculpture. Experimentation with new techniques and media is the main driving motor for this compulsive creator with a keen eye for the beauty that hides in front of our noses in everyday life. Sosaku’s work is strongly influenced by Hetauma (Japanese underground comic movement), animations, subcultures, experimental musics. He has performed with several group of different style of music such as experimental, improvisation, ambient, noise and the garage punk band in youth ages. In 2004 Sosaku Miyazaki moved to Barcelona and started working with Argentinianborn artist Lolo. Since then they have become inseparably and act as artist duo Lolo and Sosaku. At first they cooperated in a wide range of artistic expressions – as painters, sculptors, street artists and video-artists –, where Lolo and Sosaku discover a mutual interest in an experimental way of exploring the arts and creating new art forms.

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