Series JIMNY

Title : BOB – 2020

Mixed media, resin, concrete and acrylic

Saize :28x11x27 cm

Signed by the artist

AUTHENTICATION Signed by the artist

Catégorie :


Alexandre Bavard is based in Paris, France and is a Alumni of École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Lyon. Alexandre Bavard can be seen as a playwright, and performer, all in one. His work expands from fine art sculpture, prints, and paintings into video, music and dance. Bavard creates various worlds influenced by his Georgian roots, science fiction, and for the need of escapism and discovery.

Bavard is interested in creating a visual language, a form of expression that transcends any specific medium, and is fueled by repetition, movement, and flow. His broad range of works are tied by the theme of a post-urban world, meaningful artifacts of a past utopia that its significance has long been lost and repurposed as rarity and artifact. Bavard has titled this series, Neo-Archelogia, which refers to his process of casting the shape or transferring the impression of these found artifacts into sculptures and prints.

Pablo de Pinho

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