maestros especialistas #52


Serie: Maestros Especialistas

Title: #52

Photo | wooden frame

Size: 12x10cm

Unique piece

Signed by the artist

AUTHENTICATION Signed by the gallery


Maestros Especialistas

The portrait has always been a representative average of the individual. There in turn over and overlapping notions of self and other, making it a modus operandi to strengthen and cement so changeable that identity which is in a constant state of renegotiating with ourselves and our environment.

This series of collages of artist Leonardo Fernandez Della Pietra, aka LOLO, – 1977 – are based on portraits of artists of opera singers, dancers and conductors who have performed at the Liceo Theatre in Barcelona between 1958 and 1962. With a technique developed and created by the artist himself, trying to get bring to this, fine cuts and a reorganization of the layers of the same picture reminiscent of Cubist portraits. thus ensuring an outcome almost 3-dimensional picture with a sculpture caracter charges.

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