« senza titolo » (6)


Title: Senza Titolo 6 – 2017

Mixed media on canvas

Size: 150×100 cm

Unique piece

Signed by the artist

AUTHENTICATION Signed by the artist

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Emanuele Ravagnani, born in 1989, graduates at Accademia delle Belle Arti of Brera, Milano, in 2013. He uses a mix of techniques, ranging from painting to material assembly and collage, from oil-based paints to natural pigments, objects recovering, B/W photographs that he develops on his own in a darkroom, to redefine the space-time dimension by relocating the objects themselves. His elective territory veers on graphics, with the production of big and medium size works on canvas, with lines defining utopian architectures hidden by a haze of color.

The creative tension of his shapes, sometimes recognizable, sometimes not, seemingly carved in the high density of color meant as matter, splays in a chaotic and cryptic connection with language and numerology, inciting the eye to seek for mysterious relations between signs, figures and space.

Even music, fundamental in his language (he plays bass guitar and contrabass) expresses itself both conceptually, with references to musicians who have marked the history of jazz and avant-garde music, and experimentally with sculptures and installations realized with old recovered instruments, weld metals, a series of recovered gears and wheels which move and play guitars, keyboards and drums.

He also uses electronic music, through bases an synthesized sounds, created to be bases for videos.

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Poids 5 kg
Dimensions 100 × 4 × 150 cm