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The City Book

– Packaged in a luxurious hard cover – Fabric – 26x20cm – 150 pages

City Map

– Foldable – 11x21cm – open 88x42cm

Language: English

1500 copies limited edition

The Hong Kong’s edition artists are:

Au Yeung Nai Chim | Enoch Cheung | Evan Wu | Tsang Kin-Wah | Ho Sin Tung | Lau Ching Ping | Romaine Jacquet-Lagreve | Jin Meyerson | Charles Munka |  Lok Ming Fung


Theme: Disappearing Hong Kong

Au Yeung Nai Chim – Disapperance | Enoch Cheung – Exodus

Theme: Hong Kong Humor and Culture

Evan Wu – Daily life | Tsang Kin – Wah – Language

Theme: Travellers in Hong Kong

Ho Sin Tung – Adventure | Lau Ching Ping – Memento

Theme: Looking at Hong Kong with a Different Perspective

Romaine Jacquet–Lagreve – Distance | Jin Meyerson – Intensity

Theme: Playing with Hong Kong materials

Charles Munka – Construction | Lok Ming Fung – Tangibility

Published 18th December 2015

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the city book hong kong

Imagine the stories a city could tell. A busy street corner, a crumbling wall, an open window — the different stories linked to these ordinary places come from the unique experiences of individuals, and their narratives are what breathe life into the city. Production Q’s THE CITY BOOK unveils these stories through the artwork created by carefully selected artists with strong links to a city. Packaged in a luxurious hardcover format, each THE CITY BOOK explores a city through their perspectives, revealing a facet of the city’s character and identity that travelers may not experience on their own.

Each artist has provided his or her own personal story through quotes, texts, and anecdotes, interpreting themes from heritage to language and identity. These stories are then connected to locations on an illustrated map to provide readers with a tangible guide, allowing a kind of dialogue to emerge between the reader and the artist as the reader navigates the city’s stories through the book.

Unlike standard travel books, the THE CITY BOOK doesn’t simply provide information about local sites and history, leaving the reader to merely be a passive actor who is told what to do and see. Instead, each book provides access to a city’s spirit through the lived experiences and anecdotes that occupy its spaces, with each story specific to the individual who encounters and creates it.

Readers will be able to seamlessly incorporate art into their adventures within a city and, ultimately, add their own narratives, leaving behind their own personal story perhaps to linger for others to discover, as well.