Making visible what cannot be seen: an emotion, an intimate moment, a thought, an instant as eternity. Saul, through a veil of modesty, with empathy, manifests herself, giving voice to her artistic language. Her intimate work is characterized by what she detects about the inside from the outside. Whatever the subject, landscapes, objects or modest details of everyday life, it is living beings that the artist tells us about. Shapes and formats follow a path of pacification, a calm in which the artist embraces and merges with the work itself before silently letting it go. The paintings, obsessively repetitive according to her favorite themes, follow one another but are not alike. In anonymity, in a dissolution of the ego, the writing and the titles speak for themselves. The waves of thoughts are called “Autoportraits”, the handkerchiefs “Oiseaux Fantômes”. There is movement, there’s inspiration and there’s breath. A vital energy, between strength and delicacy, power and softness. The sculptures, paintings and installations are part of the same story. Each pictorial process responds to itself. Words are transmuted into gestures that are never far from memory, from experience, from life. And even if it is always a question of portraits, in each work, Saul fades away. There’s no face. The generosity of Saul’s imagination has no boundaries, no time. She freely tells what she feels and offers us her vision in order to appropriate it. Recognizing each other.

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