silvia coccaglio

Silvia Coccaglio, born in 1981, became fond of photography at the early age of six, thanks to her mom.

Her photography is an integral part of her everyday life, it portrays and treats her moods, still on the other side of the lens the tirelessly carries with her.

She assiduously takes part in the various competitions and Vogue Photo, first, selects her work and, seeing her photography approved, she decides to take up the way of art. Silvia Coccaglio’s photographic series have the common denominator of a moment, the instant when something catches her attention, a situation, an object, like the surfers’ party abandoned for the storm, and suddenly the scenario of parked cars draws her eye; a basement where she puts a couple of chairs and an old racket, the moment with the perfect light.



What gave life to this project, Flowery,  have been the things surronding me in my post partum period.

A period in which I experienced near immobility, between the joy of the event and the mutation of my body, things that clearly changed my vision and perception of the world. Surrounded by bouquets of flowers brought about by my friends, the banana rinds left from my snacks and various new accessories of my baby’s, like the fish-shaped thermometer for the little bath, things between the unusual and the ordinary, I meant to immortalize these moments for my son, as he’ll grow adult, to be able to enjoy through my photography the objects that surrounded the two of us at his birth. Such a wonderful event.