thomas carlier

Thomas Carlier is a young French designer and interior designer who graduated from Camondo school in 2020.

After a stint at the Glasgow School of Art during his studies, he decided to focus his work on production methods and on experimentation with materials, a theme he will address for his thesis and his diploma project.

With biofabrication, he discovers a universe allowing to link craftsmanship with innovative and ecological materials.

In parallel with his studies, he is already working on his first realizations: the Patine brand corner at Galeries Lafayette Haussmann and several Pop up Stores for the Berlin brand nu3.

In 2020, following a competition organized by the magazine Intramuros, he was selected by Lafuma to develop a furniture project.

Lampe Alumine, 2020 / Stainless steel lamp, Alum salt – Size : 30×7,3 cm

Can organic manufacturing replace traditional manufacturing?

If the biomimetic materials that we know today reproduced the properties of living organisms, biomaterials are directly produced by those.

By giving a framework and a structure to natural organisms, it is possible to guide their growth to obtain a specific shape.

A structure is never covered in the same way, so every piece becomes unique.

Duo, is a set of experiments around this Biofabrication, highlighting the collaboration between the designer and the organism.

The results of these experiments have led to the development of a range of furniture in Salt and Mycelium