anna stella zucconi

For Anna Stella Zucconi, drawing is not only the first stage of her work, for her it is also the most fascinating, it is the stage without filters. As she explains in her own words, « It is a process of liberation and at the same time it is a form of play, a form of entertainment. »

She perceives drawing to be the most direct contact between her inner world and the outside world, a type of communication that reveals every emotion. From the moment she makes her first mark on the paper and then takes it further, a body of sensations and thoughts takes shape which previously only existed in her mind.

She loves to use very soft pencils, graphite, chalks, oil pastels, felt-tip pens, Bic pens, acrylics, and any medium able to help her achieve the result she has in mind. Casually but repeatedly, the artistic process is the same: she creates and destroys, covering over previously existing signs either with colour or with a new sign.

For Anna Stella Zucconi, the quest for beauty is as much about strength as it is the will to transmit and liberate. Her drawing is rather dirty, not deliberately so, but « every imperfection or mistake » is permitted to become an essential part of the work, as occurs during the journey of life. 

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