Galerie Molin Corvo: a contemporary art gallery in Paris

Located in the historic district of St. Germain des Près, Galerie Molin Corvo was founded in 2013 by Roberta Molin Corvo. Passionate about discovering and supporting young contemporary artists, Roberta Molin Corvo also represents artists with more established careers.

The gallery offers a rich program of on-site and off-site exhibitions. One of its peculiarities is to present exhibitions often accompanied by a project seeking funding, in the form of text and video, developed by the artist himself.

Galerie Molin Corvo develops its network on the international contemporary art scene.

Située dans le quartier historique de St. Germain des Près, la Galerie Molin Corvo a été fondée en 2013 par Roberta Molin Corvo. Passionnée par la découverte et le soutien des jeunes artistes contemporains, Roberta Molin Corvo représente aussi des artistes à la carrière plus confirmée.

La galerie propose un riche programme d’expositions sur site et hors site. Une de ses particularités est de présenter des expositions souvent accompagné d’un projet en cherche de financements, sous forme de texte et vidéo, élaboré par l’artiste même.

La Galerie Molin Corvo développe son réseau sur la scène internationale de l’art contemporain.


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Molin Corvo Roberta

Roberta Molin Corvo starts her career in the fashion business working for the lines MOSCHINO, CHEAP AND CHIC and FURS by MOSCHINO; ALBERTA FERRETTI and PHILOSOPHY by ALBERTA FERRETTI.

In 1989 she arrives in Paris after a short passage in the maison THIERRY MUGLER; she discovers the world of communication cooperating with Catherine Miran’s agency.

In 1993 she opens her own agency, named MOLIN CORVO. Among her customers, fashion designers like Ocimar Versolato and contemporary artists like Bruno Hadjadj. In the meantime she becomes responsible for France of the Zanfi Editore Group, alternating the work of communication with her career as a journalist.

In 1997 she’s co-publisher and managing editor of MODEM, international manual of free information relating to the fashion shows during the fashion weeks in New York, Paris and Milan.

In 1998 she starts a collaboration as a press agency, product consultant and scouting for the multibrand stores MARIA LUISA; among the many projects there is the opening of shops for man and accessories too. She deals with the international press relations of the brands MANOLO BLAHNIK, PIERRE HARDY and RICK OWENS. She becomes France partner and responsible for Italy for the television broadcast PARIS MODES on Paris Première Channel and fashion director of DOUBLE, an international women’s fashion magazine.

In 2003 she becomes Editor and Responsible Director of PLAY M, the first fashion, art and music magazine in DVD format ever and project responsible for SPOONLIVE MAGAZINE DVD, both distributed internationally. From 2004 to 2006 she is Artistic Director at the Salone PAP Paris Fair.

In 2006 she returns in Italy and becomes Project Responsible for DZ Fashion, a website with fashion images for the SGP – STEFANO GUINDANI PHOTO agency. She is Artistic Director for the brand JO NO FUI and starts cooperating with MFF, Milano Finanza, and L’Officiel Homme Italia.

From 2009, for three years she is responsible for the italian galleries at CULTLOG, International Fair of Contemporary Art and represents, as an agent, some international artists.

In 2010 she starts the adventure of VENDUTO, a no-profit cultural association; in 2011 she assumes the Artistic Direction of P.A.R.O.S.H. Galerie.

In 2013 she decides to transform her job as an artists’ agent opening her own contemporary art gallery in Paris: galerie Molin Corvo.

In 2019 launches “superoby”, a eco-friendly brand of exclusively hand painted unique pieces, using two categories of garments and accessories: hight-quality second-hand items or existing garments available in stock.

Today she continues her collaboration as a freelance journalist with several international publications, writing on fashion and art and is a jury member at art festivals.