emanuele ravagnani

Emanuele Ravagnani’s universe is an ensemble of painting, installation, photography and music, experienced as non dissociable elements. 

« To define my dimension I use a mix of techniques, spanning from painting through materials assembly and collage, small objects salvage through black and white photography, on which I intervene pictorially. …  read more

gabriele dal dosso

Gabriele « Gabo » Dal Dosso’s plastic research is headed to the transformation of a philosophical idea into a tangible object. The result is the CUBO DI GABO series. 

At the origin of his research, the artist takes the cue from the Möbius strip structure. In each CUBO DI GABO the dichotomies in/out, open/closed, finite/infinite collapse, losing their known connotations and boundaries. read more

fabian albertini

Fabian Albertini is an Italian artist based between Reggio Emilia and Rio de Janeiro. Albertini is guided by her interests in perception, movement, the relationship between man and environment through dialogues between art and spirituality. Combining photography, installation and overpainted photographs, her projects often show fieldwork in remote locations – such as deserts, volcanos and rainforest. read more

amanda valle

Amanda Valle was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, in 1984. Only daughter of a single mother, she spent most of her early years home.

An ordinary and settled life on the surface, Amanda filled her time by drawing the worlds and colours living in her mind with the views from the window becoming her first muses for her self-expression. read more


Making visible what cannot be seen: an emotion, an intimate moment, a thought, an instant as eternity. Saul, through a veil of modesty, with empathy, manifests herself, giving voice to her artistic language. Her intimate work is characterized by what she detects about the inside from the outside. Whatever the subject, landscapes, objects or modest details of everyday life, it is living beings that the artist tells us about. read more

daniele steardo

Daniele Steardo, born in 1976, was born and grew up in Genoa, sea city loved by numerous painters, including Émile Bernard. But after he enrolled in the Fine Arts School of the city, he wanted to be a sculptor. He even went to Carrara to continue his studies where he tackled marble like no one else; he got his first commission for Milan in 2006: a monumental marble set in Bruzzano district. read more

fabrizio saracino

“VERBA VOLANT, SCRIPTA MANENT… it would indeed be better for certain words to continue their flight and sink into oblivion. Thus one may think of the public repartees of our political personalities. Between aphorisms and counter briefs, their more or less spontaneous verbatim accounts reveal as much as they betray. Specific to an era and a society, their words, in their tenor or their ardor, nevertheless cover a timeless dimension that deserves to be meditated on. read more

alexandre bavard

Alexandre Bavard is based in Paris, France and is a Alumni of École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Lyon. Alexandre Bavard can be seen as a playwright, and performer, all in one.

His work expands from fine art sculpture, prints, and paintings into video, music and dance. Bavard creates various worlds influenced by his Georgian roots, science fiction, and for the need of escapism and discovery. read more

cesare callegari

Cesare Callegari, born 1974, graduate in Art and Communication. It’s strictly from the communication that all his work about art starts from. He’s always interested in creating social objects. Art as a way to describe his life and the lives of the people around him, taken by the places where he lives and has lived. He uses a mix of tecniques, focused mostly on 3D objects where he works on different scales. read more

bruna rotunno

Bruna Rotunno lives between Europe and Asia. After graduating in psychology, she started to be interested in photography, particularly in the portraits, fashion images and video art. She collaborates with several magazines, including Vogue. Her art, including portraits and landscapes, transcends genres and alternates pictorial sensibility to the immediacy of reportage,  read more

silvia coccaglio

Silvia Coccaglio, born in 1981, became fond of photography at the early age of six, thanks to her mom. Her photography is an integral part of her everyday life, it portrays and treats her moods, still on the other side of the lens the tirelessly carries with her. She assiduously takes part in the various competitions and Vogue Photo, first, selects her work and, seeing her photography approved,  read more

sam lock

His works are an exploration into the rhythms and currents of painting, a journey between and through layers, a build-up of moments in time and intuitions followed.

The alchemy of the painting process transforms this time-spent into a physical and tangible history. read more

antonio bokel

Antonio Bokel reveals a constant crossing between art and the fabric of urban life, as constitutive parts of his symbolic universe. He uses this experience of the city as existential sequences – there he builds his referential space, there he seems to invent a territory, there he intends to constitute an aesthetic and spatial extension in a broader dimension. In this area of ​​intersection, there is a capacity for poetic improvisation from the assimilation of the most varied materials and supports, such as enigmatic objects, urban utensils, insertion of letters, wordplays or literary fragments, which transit in the murals, on the surfaces of canvases, photographs, sculptures or spatial installations. read more

anna stella zucconi

For Anna Stella Zucconi, drawing is not only the first stage of her work, for her it is also the most fascinating, it is the stage without filters. As she explains in her own words, « It is a process of liberation and at the same time it is a form of play, a form of entertainment. »

She perceives drawing to be the most direct contact between her inner world and the outside world, a type of communication that reveals every emotion. read more

leonardo fernandez della pietra

Leonardo Fernandez Della Pietra, aka LOLO, Born in 1977 in Buenos Aires. Pintor, sculptor, musician, live and work in Barcelona. With a high tendency to experiment, the solo career of Leonardo has gone beyond the circuit of art galleries, fairs and museums, often working under pseudonyms. He has created works of great variety, working in limited series, collages, machines that make drawings, portraits, music with light, mobile sculptures, paintings with ash, among others.  read more

thomas carlier

Thomas Carlier est un jeune designer et architecte d’intérieur français diplomé de l’école Camondo en 2020.

Après un passage à la Glasgow School of Art au cours de ses études, il décide de concentrer son travail sur les modes de productions et sur l’expérimentation des matériaux, thème qu’il abordera pour son mémoire et son projet de diplôme. read more