gabriele dal dosso

Gabriele « Gabo » Dal Dosso’s plastic research is headed to the transformation of a philosophical idea into a tangible object. The result is the CUBO DI GABO series. At the origin of his research, the artist takes the cue from the Möbius strip structure. In each CUBO DI GABO the dichotomies in/out, open/closed, finite/infinite collapse, losing their known connotations and boundaries. CUBO DI GABO is a geometric alchemy, a particular case of squaring the circle, long time sought, projecting who manipulates the object in a different dimension, allowing people to explore new glimpses of thought otherwise inaccessible. These cubes are Philosophical Objects, instruments for meditation, artistic geometrical analysis, dynamic sculptures where to get lost and find oneself again, as in the universe sketched by Gabo’s pen, composed by black and whites, with hints of red, representing the night, the day, the life.

Each CUBO DI GABO is a geometric translation of the famous William Blake’s verses from Auguries of Innocence.

«To see a world in a grain of sand

and a heaven in a wild flower,

hold infinity in the palm of your hand

and eternity in an hour.»

In his latest works, Gabriele Dal Dosso approaches various natural materials such as wood and volcanic stone from Vesuvius and glass (neon tubes) to concretize a new chapter of the CUBO DI GABO series, by rendering it, this time, an illusion obtained from the origin of his reflection, inspired by the structure of the Möbius ribbon, thus putting « in double image », drawing and neon, a 2D reproduction of one of his philosophical objects .

CUBO DI GABO_sur les œuvres de Gabriele Dal Dosso_Patrick Autréaux FR

CUBO DI GABO_sur les œuvres de Gabriele Dal Dosso_Patrick Autréaux IT




« CUBO DI GABO – Le chiavi – M³.Ma1 – 2021 Carrara Statuary marble

« CUBO DI GABO – M³.3D » –  3D printed on corn starch polylactic acid (PLA), bronzeder and gold leaf

« CUBO DI GABO – M³.3D » –  TO  printed, Carrara Marble powder and gold leaf

« CUBO DI GABO – M³.3D » – LO  printed, Carrara Marble powder and gold leaf

« CUBO DI GABO – M³.3D » – 3D printed, Carrara Marble powder

CUBO DI GABO – M³.M.Black_R1

« CUBO DI GABO – M³.N.W-R1 »



« CUBO DI GABO – M3.C.1 »


CUBO DI GABO – M³.dodecaedro.rombico.fontana

«Gabo’s Cube is a peculiar case of a Möbius band, which in turn is an emblematic case within topology. 
Topology is the study of topos, Greek for place, space, a physical one as well as a narrative one, and which space is more emblematic of humanity?
Which space identifies us the most as a species if not the city?
Hence the choice, nearly the need, to widen my study iluding urban space. 
Hence this first project for a fountain, in a quest for intimacy with my elective subject, to be able to fully get into it.»

Gabriele Dal Dosso / SGABELLO CUBO DI GABO
Gabriele Dal Dosso / CUBO DI GABO – NASTRO