bortusk leer

Since his explosive arrival on the street art scene in 2007, Bortusk Leer’s creations, smiling googly-eyed monsters, with crazy looks, in all « day-glo » versions, have become a common vision on the streets of London, Berlin and Milan, even succeeding in conquering distant places such as New York, Auckland, Alaska and Rajasthan.

These characters, in every place and situation, always feel like belonging, perfectly integrated into the environment, one time they’re taking a yellow cab and another enjoying a juicy bratwurst. Proud founding leader of the Art Commedy movement, Bortusk Leer says his only purpose in life is to make us smile. Inspired by the idea that life is often taken too seriously, his dream represents a world in which everyone laughs a little bit more. Bortusk Leer now dedicates his childish painting and love for psychedelic colors to a « Cheer up » crusade. Over the last four years, Bortusk Leer has exhibited in London in several collections such as « The Alternative Philosophy », Leonard Street Gallery – « Change the Great Britain », Cordy House.

In the course of these exhibitions, his work has been deploying and exploring new worlds, video, collage and sculpture that awaken in him an interest in 3D and artistic installations. In 2009 his monsters were transformed into « Street Monsters », a series of 2 minute animated shorts movies commissioned by the BBC.